Team Update: Request New Features

Started by lcjohnso
about 6 years ago

I would like to see a grid available to the image. Such as letters down the left side, and numbers across the top/bottom (ie. A4, G12, E3, etc.) so we can state the coordinate of an object(s) in the image, OR for it to track some coordinates with the cursor across the field (with a button to be able to toggle an active grid on the field on/off to be able to better match the location to the outer coordinates), and show the specific coordinate of an object as you hover over it. Some objects are extremely small and difficult to explain their location on the field.

Also I would like to see some sort of Misc. Object choice to encircle something.

Also possibly a way to see the posts/discussion on an image before "Finish"-ing the image.

about 6 years ago
  • Seeing comments that others made after you did the classifying, but before (and without) deciding to make a comment yourself

  • Get notified of missed artificial clusters (seems to be a good learning tool too)

about 6 years ago

The grid idea is a really good one, I second that.

Also the Misc. Object for oddities.

I would like to see the synthetic clusters I've missed, sometimes I'm not sure how small I should be marking clusters down to.

A subject line - tricky if just making a comment such as "lonesomeblue" but might be helpful if posts were headed more descriptively than just eg " OBJECT AAP0000a16".

Hope the next element is up soon.

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