Collection “Bubble Voids” by jasonjason

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almost comletely void areas in the image like bubbles

B08-f16_16 B08-f16_16 B15-f13_04 B15-f13_04 B16-f10_12 B16-f10_12 B18-f13_28 B18-f13_28 B19-f05_24 B19-f05_24 B19-f06_05 B19-f06_05
B20-f02_16 B20-f02_16 B20-f08_03 B20-f08_03 B20-f08_08 B20-f08_08 B20-f13_24 B20-f13_24 B20-f14_09 B20-f14_09 B21-f05_22 B21-f05_22
B21-f06_02 B21-f06_02 B21-f18_19 B21-f18_19 B22-f01_21 B22-f01_21 B22-f02_24 B22-f02_24 B22-f04_07 B22-f04_07 B22-f13_02 B22-f13_02
B22-f14_13 B22-f14_13 B22-f14_27 B22-f14_27 B23-f02_22 B23-f02_22 B23-f05_20 B23-f05_20 B23-f07_18 B23-f07_18 B23-f09_25 B23-f09_25
B23-f10_13 B23-f10_13 B23-f13_28 B23-f13_28 B23-f14_16 B23-f14_16 B23-f17_27 B23-f17_27

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