Andromeda Project We Hardly Knew Ye

Started by JeanTate
over 6 years ago

Andromeda Project We Hardly Knew Ye is the title of today's (5 December, 2013) Zooniverse blog post. Some notable excerpts:

These plots will form part of the publications the science team and currently working on, and which will most likely appear on the Zooniverse Publications page sometime in 2014.

("these plots" refer to "the first maps of all the star clusters and galaxies in the data from the PHAT survey of Andromeda. Marked and classified by the wonderful Andromeda Project community.")

... the Andromeda Project will always have a special place in our hearts for its efficient and dedicated volunteers. Who knows, maybe one day it will come out of retirement for one last hurrah? We can only hope.

Indeed, let us just so hope! :-)

about 6 years ago

Cliff talks Andromeda Project, the Daily Zooniverse for June 3, 2014:

This is the first of three short videos - produced by the Adler Planetarium – I’ll be showing you this week that feature Zooniverse scientists talking about the projects the work on. Today we have Cliff Johnson, one of the scientists involved in the Andromeda Project. Enjoy!

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