M31 star cluster catalogues and maps

Started by jules
almost 7 years ago

I know we're aiming for a bigger and better catalogue but there are still some useful Andromeda resources out there!

Nelson Caldwell's M31 Star Cluster Images catalogue and resources

Robert Gendler's Globular Star Clusters of M31 zoomable maps

over 6 years ago

i participated in your andromeda project round 1 , ( a registered user )

from beggining to end but still you did not show a mark on my place , it is Khartoum city, sudan

in the participant map ,could you explain that please

frankly that really annoyed me.

over 6 years ago

I am not sure what happened there alsunni. The participation map on Cliff's poster was produced using IP addresses which is sometimes a little unreliable about precise locations. I can understand your annoyance though. Rest assured that your participation was valued very much indeed and I'll let the team know about the map in case they intend to reproduce one for round 2.

Thanks for getting back to us.

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